September Planning with Cocoa Daisy.

Hello sweet friends.My goodness it has been a while since I last visited my blog! So much has been happening behind the scenes that I haven’t had a chance to catch up on it.So today I am dusting off the cobwebs and sharing some of my September planning that I have been working on as a part of the Cocoa Daisy design team.

I’ve been reeeeally sick this past month with the most awful flu, but thankfully my Cocoa Daisy kit brought me some sunshine and happiness to get through it.I’m going to share some of my most favourite pages.This month’s theme has been one of my most favourite!

You will all see why……


It had a lovely colour palette and featured telephones,birdies and typewriters.Ahhhh…..Bliss!I love to fill my planner pockets with all the gorgeous goodies that come with your kit each month.My Simon paperclip always has pride of place.


The left page here above, I have adhered one of the acetate pages to.I couldn’t bring myself to cut it down in any way so I made it into a dashboard cover.


Are you playing along with the Cocoa Daisy Planner Challenge each month?? It’s lots of fun.Play along as little or as much as you want.Simply download and print your free challenge sheet each month from and use the hashtag #cocoadaisyplannerchallenge on Instagram OR upload your photo to the Cocoa Daisy planner group on Facebook so we can all admire your work. You will find the group here. I like to laminate my sheet and keep it in the front of my planner each month to keep up with each prompt.


I love my little gold bird page mark.I made this out of a leftover piece of acetate from the August Memory Keeping kit, and simply punched the ring holes.It matches the planner theme perfectly.


Love these delicate colours together! Here is another of my ‘quote’ pages I like to embellish with throughout my planner.





The graphics each month on the planner pages and dashboards are consistently gorgeous each and every time!


I’m more of a weekly page planner than daily.Well at least that is where I am most comfortable at the moment and find that’s what works best for me.


September brings Spring to us here in Australia so this was my little tribute to the start of the season.


Another of my creative spreads in my planner.I played with adding the cut doily and heart through the centre which I liked the result .Lots of flower punches and stamping feature too.



I’m totally addicted to adding these Simple Stories pocket pages to my planner now.Love the effect they give.They are a great fit in an A5 planner but you do need to repunch the ring holes.I add washi tape to mine before I do this.



Here’s a few more of my weekly pages……….


I hope you have enjoyed a look inside my planner today and it gives you lots of inspiration for your own.I also have a short video flip through for you to see all my pages.You can watch it here

Until next time,




Saturday Seminar- Decorative Notepads with Cocoa Daisy Planning

Happy weekend friends!

It’s that time of the week again for a Saturday Seminar.This week I am talking about the decorative notepads you receive with your Cocoa Daisy planner kits.


Each month they are always so lovely.Perfect for jotting down those last minute shopping items….


So handy! But I also use them creatively in my planning.Let me show you what I mean……


Here is the same adorable Butterfly notepad.But I have added it decoratively by adding some layered stickers.It’s great for any gap filling on your page!


Again here, purely as decorative!

In May the kit included the little green leaf notepad.It was so cute!! Not only have I used them practically this month but also decoratively.


I always attach a small dashboard to the edge of my week for adding the printed ‘To-Do’ notepad to.I’ve used the green leaves to back some typed quotes.


Here is a little close up……..


In my Standard Dori I actually used them as a decorative,layered border to my journaling.


This week June arrived.Woo-hoo! I have already begun setting up my pages to include the decorative notepad for the month.

I hope my planning pages have inspired you today!

Until next time,



Weekly Planning spreads with Cocoa Daisy.

Hello my lovelies! I hope you are all doing great! The leaves are starting to really turn on a magnificent colour show here and the days are darker and colder.Winter will be here in 2 & 1/2 weeks.Boooo! Not that I’m counting. The benefit of Winter is more time inside playing with my planner spreads.

For today’s Saturday Seminar we are talking weekly spreads and how you lay out your pages.The thing I love about planning is you can personalise it to suit yourself.Whether you use your planning pages for strictly practical in scheduling your day to day or if you choose to use them decoratively.I am a little of both.


Here is a little look at this weeks spread.I love the A5 size for that little extra room.You may of already noticed that I love to type my pages.For me having my pages neat and clean in my to-do’s gives me a much better sense of calm.Remember….This is just what suits me.I find when I write (*cough…scribble) I tend to have bits and pieces everywhere.But when I type I like to note things in bullet point format.


Now I can hear some of you ask…..But what if you have extra things to write down for your week after you have typed it in??

Enter my little side flap.I am using one of the gorgeous personal sized dashboards connected to my page with Washi tape..


On the inside of it I have glued one of the notepad pages and written anything else that has cropped up during my week.I have been known to tape one of these either side on a really busy week.


I love using the small shaped stickers as my point markers! Here you can also see I add a hint of colour with some faint stamping.


I also use the banner stickers a lot as well.


More stamping.I am addicted to the Cocoa Daisy stamps.(I think I may of mentioned that  previously about 1,536,726 times)


Simon always makes an appearance too.

This week I used the little flag numbers on my dates.It depends on how I am feeling at the time.Sometimes I use the large Carpe Diem number stickers too.


I hope you have enjoyed my post today! I also hope it inspires you with your own planner pages.Remember there is no right or wrong in how you use your planner.Customise it to suit yourself!

Until next time,

Much love,


Add some ink to those planner pages!

Hi friends!

I hope you are all well.Today I am going to share how I use ink in my Cocoa Daisy planner pages! I am obsessed with the stamps from Cocoa Daisy, I just love them! I also love to use stamping all the time in my planning. I find they are a great little gap filler and a fun way to add colour.I don’t use colour all the time, I am also happy to use black  sometimes too! Here is a little look as some planning spreads I have completed using black ink……


I love to use coloured pencils to sometimes highlight the black edge, like above.


I completed this spread above incorporating elements from April’s DITL and scrapbooking kits.I think the black stamping set off the pages nicely.

This is the brand of black ink I use for my planner.I find it works really well and is fade resistant.


I also love to use coloured ink too. I received the following ink pad in a past kit.It is a Prima Marketing brand and was the first time I had used this type. I really loved how it was shaped like an iron and I used it a lot in my January pages.


I loved using this stamp set, especially the spotted ‘sprinkles’ one.


You can see here how it has been used as a page filler.


My most favourite ink to use are the Kaisercraft stamp inks.They have a fab colour range and their cute size means they are perfect for travelling and storage as they can stack to not take up too much room.


In April I really dabbled in colour for my stamping.The inserts were so soft and pretty I used most of my stamping in co-ordinating yellows and greens.I was really happy with the results though-





I don’t just use stamping as a decorative means to my planning.I do also use it for a practical.

This next photo you will see how I have used the tiny flowers for point marking as well as the tag stamp.I used Kaisercraft Ink in Avocado and it was the perfect green.I love that the headings from the small planner sticker sheet fit perfect at the top of the tag too!


For May I am also using a standard Dori for the first time. I will be journaling a lot in it. I have been using some of the Tim Holt Distress Ink pads.

images (3)

These are great for a soft effect to your pages.


So there you have it friends. I hope you have enjoyed my post today and it inspires you to have fun with ink in your own planner!

Until next time,

Kylie xo

Paper Sweetpea


Fun with Cocoa Daisy

Hello my lovelies!

November is in full swing and I am so excited as this month I have started my journey with the Cocoa Daisy design team.I feel incredibly blessed to be representing another wonderful company.

This month I have been creating with the November ‘Sprinkles’ main kit as well as the ‘Glazed’ add on paper kit.You can check out ALL the fab kits and accessories here

I know right?? So adorable!

I was sooo excited when my beautiful big box arrived.I totally had a tea party…..


I wasted no time in getting started.And here is a little look at my projects for this month.








I have absolutely loved creating with all these goodies this month. What makes Cocoa Daisy unique are their exclusively designed products each month such as papers,stamps cut files etc.A paper lovers dream come true!

Thanks for stopping by.I cant wait to see you again soon!

Much love

Kylie xoxo