Weekly Planning spreads with Cocoa Daisy.

Hello my lovelies! I hope you are all doing great! The leaves are starting to really turn on a magnificent colour show here and the days are darker and colder.Winter will be here in 2 & 1/2 weeks.Boooo! Not that I’m counting. The benefit of Winter is more time inside playing with my planner spreads.

For today’s Saturday Seminar we are talking weekly spreads and how you lay out your pages.The thing I love about planning is you can personalise it to suit yourself.Whether you use your planning pages for strictly practical in scheduling your day to day or if you choose to use them decoratively.I am a little of both.


Here is a little look at this weeks spread.I love the A5 size for that little extra room.You may of already noticed that I love to type my pages.For me having my pages neat and clean in my to-do’s gives me a much better sense of calm.Remember….This is just what suits me.I find when I write (*cough…scribble) I tend to have bits and pieces everywhere.But when I type I like to note things in bullet point format.


Now I can hear some of you ask…..But what if you have extra things to write down for your week after you have typed it in??

Enter my little side flap.I am using one of the gorgeous personal sized dashboards connected to my page with Washi tape..


On the inside of it I have glued one of the notepad pages and written anything else that has cropped up during my week.I have been known to tape one of these either side on a really busy week.


I love using the small shaped stickers as my point markers! Here you can also see I add a hint of colour with some faint stamping.


I also use the banner stickers a lot as well.


More stamping.I am addicted to the Cocoa Daisy stamps.(I think I may of mentioned that  previously about 1,536,726 times)


Simon always makes an appearance too.

This week I used the little flag numbers on my dates.It depends on how I am feeling at the time.Sometimes I use the large Carpe Diem number stickers too.


I hope you have enjoyed my post today! I also hope it inspires you with your own planner pages.Remember there is no right or wrong in how you use your planner.Customise it to suit yourself!

Until next time,

Much love,



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