June-Sassyscrappers Designs Team.Project 4

Hello everyone! June is coming to a close and for my last design project with Sassyscrappers I am again using the ‘You are here’ collection by Simple Stories.This is a great collection to use if you are documenting your travels or holidays! I love the collection of papers,stickers etc.You can see them all here

This week I wanted to make a mini travel journal.I’ve never lied about how slack at journaling I am.I always start with great intentions and then never get round to finishing.This little booklet is a way of keeping a few special photos of your travels and making a few short journal notes as well.You could also keep receipts,tickets or anything else that was special about your trip, and because of its size you aren’t committed to journaling page after page.Here are some pics of the finished result-


I wanted the finished book to look as though it was ‘busy’ and full of interesting things.I also wanted it to look uneven.You can see I have cut all my pages to different sizes.I start small at the front and gradually get larger.I have bound the pages together by using my sewing machine and stitching down the centre.You will see this soon.



You can see here all the different sized papers and the tabs added around the edges, really help with the effect I was after.


The first inside page on the left I wanted to have look like a postcard! I think the simplicity helped achieve that.The page on the right, I’ve left room for adding a holiday snap.The first introduction to your little book.


You could line this page with a map of where you are staying but I thought the enamel marker dots and string was a fun addition for the theme.


Next I included a paper tab for holding another photo and ticket on this page.You could also place receipts etc here.


Next is the middle of the book.This photo gives a great view of how I stitched the book together.The inclusion of these next few pages are for journaling. I will be filling these in later.


I allowed three pages for documenting, but if you are savvy at journal writing, you could add more pages to your book.



These last few pages I have dedicated to photos.The stickers and bits & pieces from this collection are so fun to highlight your project with.


I hope you have enjoyed this weeks project.This would also be a fab, deluxe postcard to send to someone.The possibilities are endless!


Thanks for reading! Have a fun week!

Kylie xo

Paper Sweetpea


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