2016/17 Kaisercraft Design Team Application


I was super pleased recently to make it through to the second round application process for the Kaisercraft design team for 2016-17…….I know right???So you can imagine my excitement when a beautiful box of new products arrived at my door! When I say new I mean hasn’t hit the stores yet! It was like a sneaky peep into a huge secret.And Kaisercraft never disappoints.Say hello to the ‘Boho Dreams’ collection arriving soon! These are just some of the gorgeous items.Think florals,denims and polka dots.Whimsical and carefree!

As soon as I saw the elements included with this range I immediately knew I wanted to make a photo/memory book.Something I could add some favourite photos and cards to for safe keeping or for giving to someone special as an ideal gift.I’ll show you my finished product before I add how I made it. Included within the fold out cover is dual sided, fold out pages.Kind of like an accordion effect.Within the pages, contains frames for adding photos to, some pockets for special notes or tags and the inside of the cover also has pockets.I was super happy with the finished result.frontinside cropped

This collection was so easy to work with thanks to all the co-ordinating pieces and blended tones.The pages inside my album,as mentioned before, are double sided so it will work like a double sided flip book.Let me show you how mine came together and perhaps you could make one of your own!!

The first thing I did was cut two pieces of paper to 30cm x 18cm.I used ‘Wild’ P2109.I decided to use the polka dot print as the outside of my cover but it was a tough decision as hello floral!!So pretty! IMG_0427

Next,using plain strong card I made my albums template.You will need to cut

1 x piece 14cm x 15.5cm

2 x pieces 3cm x 15.5cm

2 x pieces 10cm x 15.5cm


Next glue the template pieces to the WRONG side of the album paper as shown.Making sure you leave 0.5cm between each piece.You will see on the second piece you will have just paper and no template piece.

            Next cut each corner, leaving about 1mm from the corner of your template piece.


Using a score tool and ruler, next score gently along each side of the 4 sides of paper, up against the templates.(It may be a little tricky on the piece without the third template piece but the ruler will help keep it straight.) Fold and glue each side to your templates.You will then have two neat little folders.

Next line up your folders and glue the paper without a template piece under the second folder like so…..


Next make a lining.I used ‘Feathers’ P2107.Due to the width of your book you will need to use two sheets of paper joined in the middle.But don’t worry when you add your album pages you won’t see the join mark.I measured each sheet by eye,marking with a pencil and cutting out.Glue these on and you are ready to make your pages!

You can add as many pages as you like to your own album but I chose to add 3.Cut paper to 27cm x 15cm.I used ‘Young’ P2108, ‘Daydreamer’ P2112 and ‘Free’ P2110.Fold each sheet in half and then glue pages in a zig zag format as shown-

Now for the fun part! Decorating these pages! For two of the pages I used 2 of the 12 x 12 templates ‘Mandala’ and ‘Feathers’ along with the Kaiser Mists- Denim,Peach and White.These mists are so easy to use. I love the pearl like sheen and glitter they add to your pages.I especially liked the effect of the feathers template over the denim themed page.You can glue the very back page into your album now or you can wait until you have finished decorating.

This is the front page of my album.The page you first see when you open it.I used off cuts of the ‘Free’ P2110 paper on the denim side and added layers of corrugated cardboard and ephemera pieces.I also added some of the pieces from the stickers sheet.I couldn’t resist adding some cotton lace as it seemed to blend so perfectly.


Next, for the floral pocket I made on the left page I used ‘Wanderer’P2111.I thought it would be cute to add a little note or a tag as I have.I’ve used a quote from the stickers sheet.You get so many and it is hard to choose!

For the page on the right, using the cork sheets I really wanted to make it look like a pin board.The ephemera die cuts and fussy cutting some flowers from ‘Wild’ P2109 paper helped to achieve this.All that needs to be added is a favourite photo.


These next pages I got to have a play with the Boho Dreams stamps.The Kaisercraft stamps have a real sharp and clean finish to them….I love that!


I love the finishing touch they added to these pages.And again, more frames for adding cute snaps to!


I fussy cut a lot of pieces throughout the album like the cute Boho girl on these final pages from the ‘Young’ P2108 paper.By using double sided foam tape to adhere them, gives a raised effect.I finished these pages with a few random spritz of the Kaiser mists.(Denim,Peach and White)


To the inside covers I added some handy little pockets.I made them using the paper  ‘Young’ P2108 and ‘Adventurer’ P2114.I had fun with those Boho Dreams stamps again alongside pieces of ephemera and stickers to conclude my album!

I love that this style album has 2 covers really, thanks to its fold out design.


I finished off the front cover with some gorgeous paper blooms in ‘Iceberg’ and mini paper Blooms in ‘Coral’.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading today and that you give making a little memory photo album a go.This exciting new range from Kaisercraft is bound to be a sellout so make sure you grab yours once it hits the stores!

Until next time,

Kylie xo (aka Paper Sweetpea)

Paper Sweetpea

Products Used-

Feathers P2107

Young P2108

Wild P2109

Free P2110

Wanderer Ps111

Daydreamer P2112

Adventurer P2114

Cork and Corrugated cardboard sheets

Mandala and Feathers 12 x 12 templates

Kaiser Mists Denim,Peach and White

Boho Dreams Stamps

Boho Dreams Stickers and Ephemera

Paper Blooms in Iceberg and Coral


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    Me parece muy atinada tu juicio sobre este argumento.
    Desde hace cierto tiempo que siento cierto interés en esto e intento aprender todo
    lo que puedo sobre esto. La contribución que has efectuado me ha semejado muy buena, sin embargo creo que se podría
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